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Shapes for Women Hydraulic Exercise Machines

We manufacture the worlds very best hydraulic fitness machines. The Shapes for Women Hydraulic Exercise and Fitness Machines are used in 30 minute circuit training, fitness centers, therapy and rehab centers, home exercise, Hotels etc.

Simply put, the Shapes for Women hydraulic exercise equipment is the finest, best made, sturdiest hydraulic fitness equipment you will find on the market today.

Any great 30 minute circuit training center or gym needs great gym & fitness machines. The entire concept revolves around having this great equipment for both you and your clients while making it affordable.

Model : Upright Row Machine
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The Upright Row Hydraulic Exercise Machine targets Triceps, Chest, Arms and Shoulders. It offers easy ingress and egress and is designed to suit men and women from short to tall.
Model : Abdominal / Back Machine
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The Ab /Back Hydraulic Exercise machine provides smooth resistance in both directions. It will provide a wonderful workout for Abdominal muscles on crunch and will force back muscles to resitance on straightening.
Model : Long Row Machine
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The Long Row Hydraulic Exercise machine will provide lateral resistance on both the push and pull strokes. This will target the users arms, chest and back on each stroke. Inner and outer grips target more muscles and fit all sizes of men or women.
Model : Chest Press Machine
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The Chest Press Hydraulic Exercise machine will target the entire chest and shoulders as well as the middle back region. This machine is very simple to enter and exit and it's stable footprint make an excellent machine for those with decreased mobility.
Model : Bicep / Tricep Curl Machine
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The Bicep - Tricep Hydraulic Exercise machine will provides resistance in both directions. It will specificall target the bicep region on the curl in motion and the triceps on the push down motion. This machine is a favorite of men and women alike, everyone loves toned and strong arms.
Model : Fly Machine
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The Fly Hydraulic Exercise Machine is an amazing work of art. Each side has an independant attachment forcing the user to balance their core and keeps them from having a side help the other. Super simple enter and exit and solid, no tip foundation.
Model : Glute Machine
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The Glute Hydraulic Exercise Machine provides a wonderful workout for each leg, one at a time. A wide foot plate makes foot placement easy, quick and sure. A heavy duty spring returns the plate to it's starting position smooth and easy.
Model : Knee Extension / Hamstring Curl Machine
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The Knee Extension - Hamstring Curl Hydraulic Exercise Machine will target the inner and outter thighs providing resistance in both directions of travel. Side mounted cylinder is out of the way and easy to adjust and super comfortable leg rollers provide comfort to anyone of any size.
Model : Leg Press Machine
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Our latest Leg Press Hydraulic Exercise Machine will work all of the muscles in the leg. With the foot press staying in place, your legs move the entire chair against the cylinder for a total leg workout.
Model : Rotator Oblique Machine
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The Rotator Oblique Hydraulic Exercise Machine work the outer obliques and lower back, on both sides! Resistance in both directions will the user to double up on this single machine and at a single time.
Model : Shoulder Press / Lat Pull Machine
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The Shoulder Press and Lat Pull Hydraulic Exercise Machine will target upper shoulder, outer shoulders, upper back and lats on the reverse. Incredibly easy entry and exit makes a wonderful machine for anyone of any size and mobility level.
Model : Squat Machine
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The Squat Hydraulic Exercise Machine will target the legs, buttocks, arms and shoulders in one smooth fluid motion. Large upper pads and wide foot base makes this a great machine for any size.
Model : Stepper Machine
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Our stepper Hydraulic Exercise machine focuses two independant cylinders to make your legs step it up! Perfectly balanced and easy to use, we feel our stepper is the best in the business.
Model : Inner / Outer Thigh Machine
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The Inner / outer thigh Hydraulic Exercise machine will give the spots mentioned a serious workout!
Model : Abdominal / Hip Flexor (Tummy Tucker) Machine
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The Ab / Hip Flexor Hydraulic Exercise Machine is a wonderful machine for tucking in that tummy. This machine will force you to use your lower tummy and hips with either one leg at a time or both legs.
Model : JoyStick Machine
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The Joystick Hydraulic Exercise Machine is a standing machine. 3 hydraulic cylinders keep fluid movement around an axis. The user forced to use core muscles, waist and arms to move the stick.
hydraulic fitness lateral oblique Model : Lateral Oblique Machine
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hydraulic fitness dip shrug Model : Dip Shrug Machine
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The Dip Shrug Hydraulic Exercise machine will provide a wonderful workout for shoulders on the up movement and triceps for the down movement. This machine will also double as a crunch machine.
hydraulic fitness task lift Model : Task Lift Machine
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The Task Lift Hydraulic Exercise machine is designed to work your arms. No bending isolates the arms and work them in both directions.
hydraulic fitness rower Model : Rower Machine
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The Rower Hydraulic Exercise Machine mimics a tradtional rowing machine and will provide a wonderful workout for arms, chest and legs.

Made of 2" (6" in circumference) Tube, 11 gauge steel tubing, these fitness machines are heavy duty with a low center of gravity, making them tip proof and easy to get in and out of.

All hydraulic fitness machines feature tough nylon bearings for smooth action and the longest lasting hydraulic cylinders.

These hydraulic circuit machines are custom made by the man who developed the very first hydraulic circuit training equipment for The Henley Corporation in the 70's. He has been refining hydraulic fitness equipment since.


Shapes for Women manufactures and sells Hydraulic Fitness Equipment for 30 Minute fitness and circuit gyms

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