Shapes For Women manufactures Hydraulic Fitness Exercise Equipment for 30 minute circuit, gyms, home gyms, rehabilitation, apartment and hotel gyms.

Shapes For Women designs and manufactures the worlds leading hydraulic fitness equipment for 30 minute circuit training, fitness centers and gyms.

From the ground up, Shapes For Women hydraulic fitness machines are designed for stability, balance, longevity and most importantly, to provide an excellent workout for anyone at any fitness level.

They are intended to last a lifetime.

Our hydraulic cylinders are bi-directional, microbally washed, perfectly sealed with a no fail design. They sport an easy adjustment knob and a no fuss, no mess design. Truly one of a kind.

It's differences such as these that set our fitness equipment apart.
Who Uses Shapes For Women Hydraulic Fitness Machines?

Fitness Centers
  • Independant Fitness Centers
  • 30 Minute Circuit Gyms
  • Gyms and Workout Centers
  • Physical Trainers
Hotels and Apartments
  • Compliments Hotel Gyms
  • Wonderful and Safe in Apartment Complex Gyms
Physical Therapy
  • Simple Ingress and Egress Meets Mobility Challanges
  • Safe and Easy for Assisted Living Facilities
  • Easy For Anyone To Use
Personal In Home Exercise Or Executive Exercise
  • 2 in 1, 3 in 1 and Packages Make Home Purchase Simple
  • Excellent Workout In Very Short Time Period
  • Incredibly Simple No Fuss Design
  • Ships and Arrives Completely Assembled.
Schools / Children / Youth Centers
  • We Manufacture A Line Specifically For Children
  • Excellent for Schools, Churches, YMCA Facilities
  • Indestructible, Easy to Use and Adjust
  • View Childrens Equipment

There is a reason that Shapes for Women is the most sought after Hydraulic Fitness Circuit Training Equipment for 30 minute fitness centers and circuit gyms.

Shapes for Women Hydraulic Fitness Circuit Training Equipment is simply the only equipment on the market that is both affordable and durable enough to last.

Wait, there's more!

Not only do we manufacture and distribute our own hydraulic fitness circuit training equipment, we are the #1 turnkey curves alternative in 8 countries.

In one convenient price and delivery, we can provide you with all of the hydraulic fitness machines, decor, music, training, manuals, computers and software you need to be successful!

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Thousands of Shapes For Women Hydraulic Fitness Machines are owned and operated by :
  • Independent 30 Minute Ladies Fitness Centers & Coed Centers
  • Corporate Health and Wellness Centers
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Independent Gyms
  • Assisted Livings Facilities
Are you in need of Hydraulic Fitness Equipment for a Circuit Training Gym or Women's Fitness Club ...

Would you like to have hydraulic fitness equipment that was scientifically designed with safety of the human body in mind? Would it be important to you that you're hydraulic fitness machines have the most state of the art hydraulic fitness cylinder on the market.

Would it be a factor for you to purchase the sturdiest and most comfortable circuit training fitness machines you possibly could? Would it make a difference for your hydraulic fitness machines to have a long life cycle?

Would it be important that the company you purchase your hydraulic fitness machines from be capable of doing everything for you that is needed in your circuit training gym or wellness fitness center? Is a decision in your buying process that you work with a hydraulic fitness manufacturer that stands behind their fitness machines 100%?

Is it a big deal to also have operational money left in your bank account to run your fitness center after making your purchase? Is the reputation of the manufacturer of your hydraulic fitness equipment that you are counting on important?

When opening a circuit training gym or outfitting your hydraulic circuit course, your first decision is the most important one you could make.
If you are interested in getting into the fitness ladies business or if you need to outfit your current offering with high quality and safe hydraulic fitness machines Shapes for Women is here to help.

We encourage you to use our website as a tool to learn more about our products and company.
More importantly, we ask that you take a few moments of your day, call us and tell us about your plan, your needs and your fitness dreams.

We take great pride in helping many many gym owners make their dreams into a reality, without franchise fees, using the best, most durable and safe hydraulic fitness machines and keep the price within your grasp to operate your business.

Need Gym Equipment for your home? Look what we have made for IN HOME FITNESS!

These fitness equipment designs were made specifically for home gyms. These compact power houses of exercise equipment are perfect for any home gym. Combining multiple exercises into one piece of gym equipment is an excellent method of combining exercises for anyone of any fitness level.

30 Minute Fitness Center Packages Hydraulic Fitness Cylinders Shapes For Women

Shapes for Women manufactures and sells Hydraulic Fitness Equipment for 30 Minute fitness and circuit gyms
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